• Arnold Gutbucket

    Arnold Gutbucket purely as comedy gives no clues as to the fabulous eccentricity of the man. Really original comedians have always been thin on the ground and the likes of Mr Gutbucket are light entertainment treasures. He’s a fine raconteur, sings delightfully silly songs and knows how to work an audience to maximum effect. Great fun!. A professional since 1979, Arnold has spent his time travelling around the world from The Middle East, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Ibiza, Greece, Majorca and Gosport. Performing in a variety of venues from theaters, nightclubs, hotels, restaurants and front rooms.

  • Alan Sellers

    He is an excellent all round entertainer, with a good line in patter and hits from the stars of the 50s, 60s & 70s all help make Allan a hard act to beat, great entertainment at fantastic value.
    “Comedian/vocalist Alan is a true pro whose experience shines through. He has a nice line of patter and, amidst the familiar stuff, some refreshingly original material with a clever observational flavour.

  • Benji Brinkley

    He won comedy idol in 2005 on the Julian Clegg breakfast show on BBC Radio Solent with Nicholas Parsons as the judge. He put me through to the final three and then it was down to the public vote to decide the winner. After winning the competition Radio Solent kept me on to entertain the listeners for a slot each month for a year. I also entered another talent competition in 2006 on the radio station Galaxy FM where I performed my comedy jokes and I made it into the finals.
    In 2009 I did a voice-over for a Christmas advert for ASDA Wal-mart, which was aired on The Quay radio station in Portsmouth for two weeks.In August 2011 I entered a talent show program for Sky 1 TV which is being produced by Magnum TV. I got through the audition rounds and was then selected for the program. It was filmed in September 2011 at Shepperton Studios and is due to be aired in March 18th 2012. The show will be called “Don’t Stop Me Now” which is a family talent show for Comedians, Singers and Variety acts. I didn’t win the show as the live audience were the judges and unfortunately it was made up of the family and friends of all the other contestants! I still had a great time and I hope this show will give me some fresh publicity.Due to the TV show I have recently been featured in my local newspaper in Porstmouth called “The News”.Since 2006 I have been performing in social clubs and comedy clubs around the country doing stand up comedy

  • David st John

    Probably one of the most versatile comedy entertainers in the U.K. today! Originally from Southampton, but now based near Birmingham in the West Midlands - working across the country. Offering fast-moving stand-up comedy plus impressions, vocals and always adapting his act to suit the type of venue. Club circuit, hotels, corporate, golf clubs, weddings, holiday centres, cruise work and much more is covered. David’s stage act is a good mix, suitable for all age groups, including topical gags straight out of the morning papers! With prior information, he can also ‘personalise’ some of the comedy e.g. company product/services, plus mentioning any ‘characters’ in the audience (diplomatically of course!).

  • Drew Cameron Impressionist

    Combining stand-up comedy with impressions of famous people. His first T.V. gig was at the age of twelve when he won Opportunity Knocks on the Clapometer. Hughie Green said he was going to go far, he did, and he didn't come back or a long time! Using his amazing skills as an Impressionist, Drew Cameron, with the use of certain props and his incredible talent, can become the only young Michael Caine or Uncle Albert look and sound-alike in the country.

  • Glenn M Ford

    Glenn M.Ford is a natural comedian who started his career as a Roadie for a
    Rock'N'Roll band, he then formed his own band THE CADALACS.
    Although he was a singer at the time, it was always his love of comedy that shone through and in the mid Eighties he formed a double act called JACKSON & FORD. 2006 into early 2007, again saw Glenn starring in pantomime, this time in Billingham where he was cast as Naughty Norman, playing the comic lead.

  • Garry dorsey has over twenty five years experience in the entertainments industry. He has performed in theatres,on cruises,at numerous holiday parks, corporate cabaret and top hotels both here and abroad.His singing styles include most genres from swing,rock,country,pop,musical theatre and opera. As a comedian he prides himself in not having to swear to make people laugh,he writes his own material as well as performing his own comedy and parody songs, he also does a variety of impressions that appeal to the older generations.

  • Jed Fry


  • Mike Jerome

    Mike has been a professional comedian for many years and has performed just about everywhere! His fabulous ability to make people laugh has endeared him to audiences old and young and even after a lifetime perfecting his unique brand of humour he is still hungry to hear the laughter of an audience.
    He is at home in the theatre or holiday centre, corporate events or intimate club venues in fact anywhere an unsuspecting audience is waiting in anticipation!
    Mike has worked with many major artistes and is widely known throughout the business forever adding to his already impressive CV.


    Is the pit bull terrier of entertainment, once he get an audience he just doesn't let go...Thought I do think locking at them in is going a bit far...,but he seems to know what he is doing. He is the original '' open the fridge door and he'll do a ten minute spot'' Entertainer,(Though in Micky's case it's a three hour spot. Mickey John Bull is undoubtedly unique, an all round entertainer, A singer, A dancer, ventriloquist, Comedian and general looney.

  • Mid Life 80's Crises comedy duo

    The Mid Life 80's are a comedy/vocal duo offering an original and unique trip back through the decade that was the 1980's
    We cover the music, television, film, news and fashion trends epitomising this period with a mixture of original comedy, sketches and songs. Suitable for all audiences, we can tailor our show to suit your venue. Welcome to the manic world of Wayne & Paul come in and have a look around our site but remember to put your hard hat on and shut the door on the way out !!!

  • Paul Zee

    Welcome to the ZANY WORLD OF PAUL ZEE
    Paul will take you on a journey of magic, comedy and complete mayhem, a fun filled show that can be adapted for family or over 18's. Paul has been entertaining family audiences all over the UK and abroad for many years and never fails to disappoint! Paul can also cater for small audiences with close up table magic or mingle with your guests if required.

  • Paul Traynor

    A very likeable cheeky chappie-style delivery of quick 1 liners and observational comedy.
    A madcap and totally zany entertainer!! The audience will experience a roller coaster of madness and mayhem from a very versatile and fresh entertainer. Paul's act is made up of constant side splitting laughs provided by his many impersonations, great vocals and up to date material. Good all round comedy, involving audience participation, makes this act suitable for all audiences, young and old.Paul is currently touring in the very popular West End sell out show Factor 2025 which will be returning to the West End in the New Year.

  • Rick Sheehan

    He is a comedy vocal impressionist. He sing, do impressions, and tributes. Impressions of Elton John.
    Freddie Mercury Mrs brown etc.

  • Steve The Gag Lee

    Steve has been performing as a professional stand up comedian for the past 10 years he travels throughout the country entertaining at Rotary club functions, golf clubs, cabaret clubs, social clubs, weddings cooperate events, and has also entertained the armed forces on many occasions and has been booked to do so again this year. Steve is a very polished performer a talented comedian who has a very strong stage presence he also writes all his own material and can come fully self contained with the sole aim to entertain every audience sitting in front of him his show is full of side splitting gags and funny stories and although Steve is considered neither blue or offensive he prefers to perform to a adult audience.

  • Stewart Masters

    Based in the West Country, this versatile Comedian / Compere has worked the club circuit for about 28 years. Firstly as a successful double act, then for the past 18 years as a successful solo act.
    Going solo enabled him to change direction to some extent, from an adult only act to a more family based humour. He has worked one nighters in theatres and clubs all over the country. Over the last ten years he has been very busy supporting sports stars on the after dinner circuit. His act is mixture of gags, audience mickey taking ( not offensive ) and observations on life and his now legendary stories of "The Chubber".
    Ideally suited to a club or after dinner type atmosphere, with his own laid back West Country style, Stewart is loved by audiences everywhere.

  • Tony Parkins

    Original material is very much what drives Tony. So you can expect as much from this versatile, entertaining performer A funny routine called "Boggy Bottom" Bottom sees a single man look for the love of his love using funny UK town names to direct time to the altar has been introduced to his 1 hour repertoire Tony recently set a new world record of 41 celebrity impressions performed in under 1 minute which he includes in his act. Also Radio Sat Nav is an original 3 minute routine where songs from the his radio direct the driver home. Classic gags and observations together with songs from Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra complete this enjoyable comedy cabaret.

  • Luciano Onapotti

    The Luciano Onapotti show is a fast paced mixture of opera, comedy songs, parody songs and clean adult comedy, its's like Pavarotti and Jethro have merged into one being !
    The show is one hour and fifteen minutes long but can be split into a forty five minute set and a thirty minute set!
    The parody songs are incredibly funny and original as are the comedy songs !
    Luciano is a trained opera singer with years of experience of theatres, cruise and fly backs .
    This truly is an original and unique show that has had audiences in stitches all over Europe.